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MUST READ Forum Rules and Other Information
Welcome to our newly developed Driver Forum Board.  As you can see each app has its own section.  This is to keep things is certain area as not all drivers belong to do all the apps.  It is understandable that there may be some cross over, but it should only happen if that post pertains to a discussion you are having.  If there is an app that is not listed on the forum main page simply put in a request and we will add that to our site.
Our board was made for drivers to have a place to come in and discuss issues that matter to them.  In addition to having a board for national discussions about gig companies.  All forum posts are subject to the rules of the forum.  Members who choose to violate the rules at any time will be subjected to the Violation and Procedures polices listed below.  There is also a list of contact’s that you can use in case of an issue.  All information sent via email will be kept confidential and only shared between the individual member and the members of the Administration team.  Please remember that if you choose to contact our staff via email, it can take up to 72 hours for a team member to contact you about your issue.  Use the email system only if your account has been suspended or banned from the site.
Forum Rules:  Our forum has many features and with that it needs to be understood that those features are not to be abused by any member for any reason.  Anything can be reported to our staff and if a report is made, we will investigate, and the punishments listed below will be used for actions taken if need be. 
Our forum can send private messages to one or more member’s.  Please remember that we do not tolerate any form of bullying for any reason.  This is including, Private Messages, Email’s or in the discussion threads.  If you feel that you are being mistreated by any member please report it to our staff and we will investigate it.  Please understand that all reports are kept between the user and the staff of the board.
Features of the board:

There are several features of this forum that you can take advantage of:

Private Messaging:  Users can send a private message to one or more individuals on this site.  This is something like an email system that you can take advantage of.  Please understand that all messages are subject to our board rules out lined in this post. 

User Groups: (Coming Soon)

Note that this board is for active drivers across the United States.  This site is not set up for customers to use and the members on this site as well as our Facebook group are not customer service and have no way of issuing any kind of refund or anything due to loss, missing or damaged items.

How to report a post or member:
If you should feel that a post should be reported to our staff for review, please do the following:

In the upper right-hand corner of the post next to the post number, there is a small check box.  By selecting this box, then under the post you can select report.  From that menu you can select the reason and then submit that for our team to review.  If the decision of the report is made the post will be removed from public eye, the author of the post will receive notification and any actions will be between the staff and that member.  In the event that a single post causes multiple users to gang up on that member for any reason, those members may also receive a notice from our staff as well.  This will also include any private messages that are sent to any member.  Bullying or harassment of any type either public or private will not be tolerated for any reason
Language should be kept to a minimum.  While we believe in freedom of speech, we ask that you always keep it to a professional manner.  If a post is deemed to be excessive on language a staff member has the right to remove the post or edit the language to maintain professionalism.  The staff is authorized to change or edit if need be. 
Please remember the members of the staff team are also drivers, and this is a non-paying position.  Therefore, we ask that you help maintain the integrity that we are trying to give to you to use.  Our staff are not legal representatives and are trying to make sure that the board is a good place to have discussions.  The posts on this site by member or staff member are not the views of the forum staff and should not be taken that way.  Please understand that the members of our staff are also drivers for the various companies.  Their opinions are their opinions and should not be taken as the opinions of the rest of the staff or the creator of the USA Delivery Driver’s website. 
Should an action be taken against you that you disagree with, please send an email to  If you retaliate against the staff member for the action for any reason either publicly or privately, the ruling will stand, and further action may be taken against you.  Please submit an email to the above email or contact another staff member about the issue and let the handle it.  If you feel that this is something that needs to be handled by Don Houston, feel free to send me a private message, and I would be happy to assist you.  Note that if you decide to challenge an action by a staff member, it is up to the discretion of the other staff member about the outcome.  Seeking a second opinion may not result in a reversal of action, and it should be noted.  Our staff will review the information and may reach out to other parties before a decision is made.  If you choose to contact a second staff member, that decision will be the final decision and no other decision will be granted.

Some Important Contacts that we have:

Abuse Department:  If you have an issue with an action taken against you or towards you for any reason, feel free to reach out to our abuse department at  You can also contact a member of our Moderator or Administration team via private message as well.  Please give the details so that we can investigate the issue for you.  If it regards a post, please be sure to include the post thread and post number if you can.  If you have reported a post or comment, we are looking into it and will take appropriate actions.  While our site and forum are online 24 hours a day, our staff may not be.  If you send a message or an email to our staff, we will respond.  If you submitted an email our team has 72 hours to respond.  If your account has been suspended or banned from the site, our team will reach out to you from this email and all correspondence’s will be from and too the email. 

Admin:  Use this email ONLY if you are having issues pertaining to the website for forum.  This includes but not limited to links not working in our resource center.  Please do NOT use this email if you are submitting information to be added to the website.  The email is

Downloads:  If you have a suggestion for our Driver Resource Center, please submit an email request to  When submitting any kind or request please make sure you provide a complete description of the item that you are requesting.  This includes any links or literature on the requested information.  When you submit a request, this will take time for us to review the requested information.  If approved, your request will be updated the next time the site is updated.  The website is updated once or twice a month.  A notice will be posted on our Facebook page and in our Announcement sections of our forum.  You will also receive an email from us letting you know when you should expect to see your request on the website. 

Rules for the site!
The following are the rules for this site.  These rules will be always enforced by the staff.  These rules will be forced on all topics, posts, discussions, private messages, and other communication on the entire board

1. Language:  While free speech is always welcome on our stie, we do ask that the following is taken into consideration while posting.
a. Keep foul language to a minimum.  We all use curse words and sometimes we are upset but keeping this to a minimum is appreciated. 
b. Abuse or Harassment.  All members are to be reminded that we are not here for bullying or intimidation of any member for any reason.  Members caught violating this rule are subject to removal from the discussion, placed on suspension from the site or banned from the site completely.
c. Sexual Harassment.  This is not tolerated at all.  Members who violate this rule will be subject to removal from this site and or any legal actions taken by the party involved.  (Note that we will not give out any information about your account such as IP address or email address personal information unless we are furnished with a court order for such information.  Court order’s MUST be delivered to the Site Administrator for execution to be completed

2. Political Discussion’s.  While we understand that there are political issues going on in the world today, we ask that those issues remain off the board.  It makes it easy for people to get upset and leads to arguments that can be avoided if those issues are not on our site.
3. Religion.  Just like politics, religion is a huge debate, and it leads to arguments, so please leave that off our site as well.
4. Driver’s/Customers.  While we understand that people want to be a part of the site who may only be a customer, our staff does not work for any other companies listed on the forum.  This site is for Driver’s only. 
5. Spam:  To keep our site clean and smooth, all spam will be removed from the site.  Spam is anything that is not related to topics of the forum or the discussion you are a part of.  Spam includes but not limited to any unwanted material that has nothing to do with the site.

Rule Violation and Proceedure

1. For the most part the first time a member violated a rule they will be given a warning by a staff member of the board.  Violations will usually yield a warning to the member about the rule that they violated, and no further action will be taken
a. If a member violates rule 1 B or 1 C, those punishments are more severe.  For a Rule 1 B violation the member will receive a warning from the staff, and a temporary suspension from the board may also be taken against the member as well.  If the violation is severe enough, membership may be revoked for a period or permanently.
b. In the case of Sexual Harassment, our team has a Zero Tolerance stance.  If a member engages in this type of behavior, they will have their membership revoked permanently from this site as well as our Facebook group.  Members who also engage in this type of behavior need to know that our staff will cooperate with authorities in any investigation. Our staff will provide all information including any IP, email and or full address given.  All information will be handed over in the event of investigation in accordance with state and or local laws.  This will include both the USA Driver’s site and our Face Book page.  Screen shots will be taken and stored for said purpose and it will not be deleted without those screen shots being taken and stored.  Our staff will not sell or disclose anyone's personal information unless it is used for a law enforcement purposes.  Our staff will cooperate with any investigation for any reason and will provide any and all information to the legal team upon request With Out the consent of member or member's involved.
2. In the even that a member violates a second rule or the same rule a second time.  The staff will again inform the member of the rule and this time the notation of a third violation will result is suspension on our site for a period of 7 daysThis will also be applied to our face book group as well.
3. If the member has a third violation, that member will lose permission from both the Driver’s website and Facebook page for a period on no less than 7 days.
4. Should the member have more than three violations the member will be subject to a complete revocation of membership from our site.

*Violations are per 90-day period.  Meaning if your first violation and second violation are beyond 90 days apart, the second violation will be treated like the first violation.  Violation of rules 1 B and or 1 C do not have an expiration date.  Meaning severe actions are taken on first offense.  All members who wish to dispute a violation are encouraged to send an email to

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